Why We Pick the Furniture We Do For Our Homes

We all have different reasons for choosing the furniture we buy for our homes. For some of us, it may depend on what we can afford at the time whilst for others, the decision may be influenced by the material it is constructed from, and some may like to change things on a regular basis so will pick the most up to date styles they can find. It takes a number of different people to make a world go round and, as such, we all have different likes, dislikes, needs and requirements when it comes to buying furniture. In order to take a look at people’s decisions in a little more depth, we spoke with Essex based bespoke furniture manufacturers, Priest Brothers.

Budget Based Decisions

If a strict budget is the main factor in your choice, then unless you are going to buy second hand furniture you will end up with mass produced, imitation wood items, possibly even flat pack furniture. Now there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that, it’s just in the long run you will probably end up spending more than if you had invested in real wood pieces instead.

Because of the way it is constructed and the material it is built from, this type of furniture will only have a limited life span. The thin veneer will wear off and begin to look tatty the more it is used, unlike a comparable item manufactured from real wood which will improve with age and take on a patina over the years giving it character. Of course, for some, this is the only option (let’s say you’re buying your first house and the majority of funds are going into a deposit), however if at all possible, you need to consider all your options and look forwards as well.

Material Based Choices

If your choice of furniture is a result of the material it is made from, you could end up with the real thing or the imitation variety depending on your preference. Some people just naturally prefer white furniture and would automatically go for a man made material to create a particular look they are after. Many people though; particularly the older generation would choose nothing but real wood furniture for its beauty and hard wearing nature, preferring to keep it for many years rather than change it regularly.

Of course if you want a complete change every time you decorate then the cheaper options will be adequate, but for those who prefer quality and a material that looks beautiful, then you really can’t beat solid wood furniture at all.

At the end of the day, if budgets allow and you’re in a position to make an investment into furniture which will last a lifetime, you simply can’t go wrong with solid wood. Whilst for many, flat pack will do for a short time, in the long run, your only real option is to go with solid wood!