Decorate An Open Floor Plan

Easy Tips On How To Decorate An Open Floor Plan

Many of us had come to a situation where it seems that we don’t know what to do. This situation is one of the many perplexities when it comes to larger section of the floor, for many people simply don’t know what to do with it. Fortunately, there are many ideas on what to do with this, so I will list just some of the suggestions, so you may pick one (or several), and use to your will. If you are ready, read on to what is that you can do with an open floor.


Quite unusual, I must admit, that stone isn’t used enough within the house. Its great features are crucial for some of the rooms, and to be specific, limit the usage of this material within kitchen and bathroom. Although it can be set in the living room as well, it has a drawback that it is cold, so you will spend extra money for heating.

As for the bathroom, you must be sure to have anti-slipping finish done, for a wet stone is quite nasty, and slipping on such can lead to grievous wounds, and you definitely wish to avoid this. Its strength and composure makes it perfect choice for kitchen as well, for you can set up heavier utilities upon it, such as stove or refrigerator, without the worry that it will crack or broke.

When it comes to cleaning, for dust and dirt get stuck within quite easily, so maybe you will think carefully whether are you going to use it. Although stone is quite expensive, especially marble, you can save a few dollars by choosing slabs with slight imperfections, for it can be covered with rug or any facility, so it won’t be seen.


Yet again, tile is another great solution to have it in your bathroom or kitchen. In general, tiles are cold as the stone (pardon the pun), so I highly recommend those for rooms where you won’t be spending too much time. Its enormous variety of design, sizes, shapes and finishes give you the opportunity to let your imagination run free, and to décor the floor the way you like.

You can create geometric patterns, to give depth to your space, or, you can choose one colour, and thus your space will look bigger. Depending on your choice and possibilities, you can even combine these two features, and to have outer area covered with one colour, and just in the middle of the room, you can set a pattern. As for maintenance, they are quite grateful.

Simple cleaning will do the trick, but if you notice that filling between them is loose or missing, replace it immediately, for that can cause severe problem on the long run. On the other hand, they are not so resistant to damage and cracks, so be sure that you ask the salesman how much weight you can set upon it. Laundry machine is quite the menace here, for it can due to its movement either scratch the finishing, or even to break the tile beneath it.


For all other rooms, I highly recommend usage of any form of rug or carpet. One of the greatest features of the rug is the possibility of easy combining. You can set a wooden floor, with the carpet on it, and it will look wonderful. Likewise, you can set tiles with the carpet on, and it will also look wonderful. Its wide plethora of designs and materials gives you the opportunity to choose and plan as you like, so if you wish to cover the floor from wall to wall, in general I recommend one shade, without prints or ornaments.

Also, it is possible to utilize several smaller rugs, and to leave space in between, so you will get the illusion of different areas within the room, thus making it look bigger than it really is. When it comes to price, carpets can be quite expensive, depending on their way of producing.

Those more expensive ones are recommended for bedrooms, and those with a bit lower price will come in nicely in the dining room, so even if you stain it with food, it can be easily cleaned or replaced. Good news is that you have the whole market at your disposal, so you may buy rugs online, or visit your local store, it is completely up to you.

So, these are my recommendations, and of course, you don’t have to hold to those strictly. You can combine materials and designs, you get what you have planned for.