Hot Tub Or Spa Clean

Keep Your Hot Tub Or Spa Clean the Easy Way

Many people own a hot tub or spa for health reasons, so to keep your tub safe and hygienic you need to clean it on a regular basis. Now cleaning is something that many people aren’t keen on, usually with the simple explanation that it’s wasted time or that they simply can’t be bothered for one reason or another.

Given the excuses, however, cleaning is not a particularly nice job to do and of course it takes up valuable time that you could be using in better ways, but it is an absolutely essential thing to do, especially when it comes to keeping your hot tub in good shape and ensuring it’s hygienic.

To make life easier for you, try out some of these hot tub cleaning accessories which we found on and make simple work of a tiresome job.

Try the Paradise Spa Vac

If you’re struggling to remove dirt and debris from the bottom of your spa then try the Paradise Spa Vac. It couldn’t be easier. Simply place the vac over the item to be removed with your thumb over the hole in the top of the handle. Release your thumb and it will suck the item up into the vac. Unscrew the end of the vac and you can then remove the offending object or debris to be disposed of. The telescopic pole will extend to over seven feet so it’s ideal for any size hot tub or spa.

Look At A Leaf Skim Net

Of course if it’s only a few leaves you want to remove from the surface then maybe a Leaf Skim Net would work perfectly for you. Again, it’s mounted on a telescopic handle for easy use and is easy to keep handy by the side of your tub.

Consider an Aerospace 303 Vinyl Cleaner

To make easy work of cleaning your hot tub try Aerospace 303 Vinyl Cleaner. 303 is a powerful UV screen treatment designed for vinyl, so it will reduce fading as well as repelling dust, oils and dirt. As it only needs re-applying every 30-45 days it won’t take up too much of your time.

Use these accessories and products in addition to your usual sanitiser and you’ll have a clean and hygienic spa every time. Whilst cleaning may not be something which many of us enjoy, if you don’t put in the time to clean your hot tub, it will quickly become unhygienic – the last thing which you want. It’s important to understand that germs can breed in hot water and, as such, it’s absolutely vital that you set aside time to clean after use. Of course, on the other hand, there’s nothing relaxing about a dirty hot tub…at all!

Use the right products and it shouldn’t take long at all to keep your hot tub clean and, as far as we’re concerned, it’s simply an essential which all hot tub owners need to do!