Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs: A Guide To Buying The Right One For You

Many people make the decision to buy a hot tub after trying one out for the first time either having hired one or perhaps at a friend or family members home. It’s a fantastic experience if you’ve never tried one and we encourage you to find someone with one just so you can have a go! In many cases, people are so impressed by what they’ve just experienced that they feel they’ve got to have one, but how do you ensure you make the correct choice?

Choosing The Right Hot Tub – An Important Decision To Make

Many considerations need to be taken into view when trying to find the right make and model for you, your home and any specific needs and requirements you may have such as the size of hot tub required, the type of hot tub and the accessories that either come as standard or can be added at a later date. Naturally the size of budget available will play a major part in the decision, as hot tubs come with a price tag of anything between around £15k at the top end to around £3500 (models such as those from Vita Spa Hot Tubs) at the other extreme.

Where Will Your Hot Tub Sit?

Where you want to locate your new hot tub will also affect the choice you make. If it’s going to fit in a corner then perhaps a triangular tub would suite your needs and make the most of the space available. Larger gardens can usually accommodate any shape so it’s not so much of an issue, more to do with the shape you prefer.

How Many People Will Use It?

Consider how many people will be using the tub at any one time. If you’ve got a large family who are all keen to use it (and why wouldn’t they be?) then make sure you go for one of the larger models to prevent frustration and arguments.

What Will It Cost To Run?

Running costs are always a major point that people ask about so make sure you keep them to a minimum by using a well insulated lid to keep in the heat. You’ll also find it will keep out dirt, leaves and debris as well to cut down on cleaning.

Take time to consider your options. Any major hot tub supplier and retailer will be pleased to answer any queries you have, so feel free to ask and end up with the hot tub most suited to your needs. It’s important that, with such a major purchase with such a large price tag that you make the right decision and that you don’t rush into things! It’s something which you’ll hopefully enjoy for years to come, however part of that comes in purchasing the right tub and, if that means waiting to find the right one, it’s well worth it as far as we’re concerned, every time!