safety glasses

The Importance of Protecting Your Eyes When Carrying Out DIY & Construction Work

Our eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies and any injury we receive to them is likely to be very painful and could potentially lead to either impaired sight or even a complete loss of sight. Many of us, however, significantly underestimate the importance of protecting our eyes and simply push aside the fact that even what could be considered the slightest damage could have a significant impact in the longer term.

That, however, is why eye protection whilst working on DIY or construction projects yourself at home is very important and should be worn at any time there is any possibility of risk to our eyes. They might not be fashionable but really, who cares? Surely it’s better than losing your sight?

A Range Of Eye Protection Options

Eye protection comes in different types and should be chosen according to the job being undertaken. The simplest form of eye protection is simply a basic pair of safety glasses. The type chosen should be a wrap around pair so that protection is also offered to the side. Safety glasses needn’t be expensive and the Zekler 30 safety glasses available from Orbital fasteners are a very reasonable £3.74 including VAT so there really is no excuse for not having a pair to hand.

These glasses have clear poly-carbonate lenses which absorb up to 99.9% of UV radiation. They have ventilated side arms and are impact and abrasion resistant and fit over most prescription spectacles. They are also available with Grey lenses and Yellow lenses. A useful addition to your safety glasses is a neck cord which saves having to put your glasses down so they are less likely to be lost or

Safety Goggles

Safety goggles offer more protection as they fit close to the face and so also protect the eyes at the top and bottom as well as from the sides. They also offer protection from dust, chemical splashes and sparks. A pair of safety goggles is available for as little as £2.94. For a little bit more a ventilated pair of full eye safety goggles is available which may prove to be more comfortable if worn for longer periods, but still only costing £7.19 including VAT.

Never underestimate the importance of eye protection. Your sight may depend on it. As far as we’re concerned, safety goggles should be a basic part of any keen DIY’ers kit and if at all possible, you’re far better off going for specialist safety goggles. With it now possible to pick up a great range of goggles and glasses for as little as £3, is it really worth the risk of damaging your site?

Of course not! Safety goggles need to be considered the most basic piece of safety equipment and actually used! Too many people have them but for one reason or another ‘forget’ to wear them! Don’t let that be you!