Chewing Gum Removal

A Look at Your Options for Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing gum can become a problem for many people, especially people who own businesses open to the public and generally anyone who comes across incorrectly disposed of chewing gum in public areas. People dispose of chewing gum incorrectly and litter our streets for many reasons such as laziness and even lack of bins, however it makes public areas and the streets look unwelcoming and dirty which is unpleasant for both locals and visitors.

Without help chewing gum removal can be difficult and takes a lot of time and effort, however there are some simpler options you have for getting rid of this messy and unhygienic problem. We’ve teamed up with Go Gum Ltd ( to specifically take a look at their range of offerings which, as far as we’re concerned, offer the perfect solution.

The Gum Grafter

The first option you have for removing chewing gum is the gum grafter, although this option may not be possible for everyone. The gum grafter is a self-contained chewing gum removal machine which contains a steam boiler, enabling you to remove chewing gum with a steam cleaning process. It is an easy process and is very effective for removing chewing gum from large areas and it comes complete with a trolley and full set of tools and accessories.

It is a no mess, cost effective and environmentally friendly method of removing chewing gum, however the price may not suit everyone’s needs. With the machine being over five grand, it isn’t particularly an affordable piece of equipment however it may be possible to hire one for a short period of time.

Street Cleansing Teams

The second option is to hire a street cleansing team to do the job for you. The go-gum street cleansing team are available to hire throughout the UK, and with a large range of high tech equipment they offer a complete range of cleaning surfaces to keep your streets looking clean and inviting.

Using the latest surface cleaning technology, they are able to renew large areas such as pavements, pedestrian areas, playgrounds and car parks and get rid of chewing gum effectively. They use a high pressure steaming system which is also environmentally friendly and your streets will look as good as new!

Once you have found a suitable way of getting rid of the chewing gum, it is possible to keep the problem from coming back. Why not try go-gum pave-saver to make future chewing gum removal far easier, faster and cheaper? It is a surface protection solution used on public areas and surfaces to protect from weathering, and it helps surfaces to remain clean by repelling water, chewing gum, oil, grease, dust and organic growth.

Although there isn’t a solution to stop people littering their chewing gum, go-gum pave-saver will ensure that you can keep on top of cleaning and getting rid of chewing gum easily. It can protect public spaces and surfaces for years and is unable to be seen, so your streets can be kept clean easily for far longer!

Chewing gum is a frustrating problem for business and people who work in public areas as well as the public themselves. It is a difficult solution to get rid of and it wastes valuable time without the right method of cleaning. If you have a chewing gum problem and need a suitable method to get rid of poorly disposed chewing gum, try one of these methods and you will soon see what you have been missing out on. Each method is effective and efficient in their own way, so whichever one is convenient for you, chewing gum removal will never have been easier.