Wind Energy

Benefits of Solar and Wind Energy to Calgary Homeowners

Canada generates almost 60% of its electricity from hydroelectric dams. But renewable energy is growing fast in terms of overall production and use in homes. The country is already among the top 6 in the world in terms of production of wind power.

More and more homeowners are embracing renewable energy. Its affordable, sustainable and green.

Solar Power

The Canadian Solar Industries Association reports that the country produces over 94 MW of PV solar power. While Alberta is experiencing significant growth in large-scale and off-grid solar PV installation, Calgary is looking forward to micro-solar installation.

The reason for this micro-level growth in Calgary and its suburbs is because of the reducing costs of material and government policies supporting micro generation.

Photovoltaics (PV) use solar panels that harness the sun’s rays to generate electricity. They are also available in tiles that can be used for replacing your roof. Adding a new roof and attic insulation can help in improving your home’s insulation too.

Advantages of Solar Power

There are many advantages of using solar power for your home.

It is Simple

PV systems may seem to be too complex and high tech in their architecture. But for the consumer, they are too simple. Most importantly, they don’t have any moving parts.

The simplicity of these systems and lack of any moving parts means they are easy and cost-effective to maintain. Usually, it requires nothing more than wiping the solar panels clean every couple of weeks.

The simple form of PV systems also means high level of reliability. The lack of moving parts not only mean that there is almost no chance of a breakdown, the systems are also likely to last long. Photovoltaic systems are designed to last for over two decades, and their life could be extended further.

The initial cost of installing solar systems in your home could cost over $20,000. But you could recover the cost within a decade.

Wind Power

When it comes to wind power production, Calgary has a special place. Wind energy firms from the city own/run more than half the wind generation facilities installed in the country. Overall, the province has wind power installed capacity of over 650 MW.

While large-scale wind power production is increasingly gaining ground, micro-level (home based) production is also becoming popular.

Wind turbines are more economical and feasible renewable energy sources of homes. Most interestingly, they are cheap to start with. You could install a 1 kW wind turbine for prices starting from just a few thousand dollars.

Why Wind Energy?

There are many reasons why I see wind energy as a better alternative to traditional forms of power.

Just like solar power, wind energy is also renewable and is available without any limitations. In fact, you can have access to wind power as long as the sun is here.

Cost Effective

Cost of wind turbines have reduced by over 50% in the last few years. As the technology keeps developing and more and it is increasingly used, the costs are going to fall further. Besides, operational costs are also low.

Wind Turbines Require Less Space

You don’t need to install multiple turbines to generate enough power for your home. Typically, the large wind turbine can generate electricity enough to power hundreds of North American homes. So you will not require a large wind turbine to meet your home’s power needs.

Wind turbines pay off for themselves within a few years. So I see this form of renewable energy to be even more cost effective compared to solar energy. The only issue you may have to be concerned about is that the turbines may create some sound. But as long as you are generating free energy that will not be a big issue.

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