Knife Sharpeners

How To Find The Best Knife Sharpeners For Home?

No kitchen can be termed as functional without few basic sharp knives for food preparations. The entire meal preparation process would become messy and an arduous endeavour without proper knives. One cannot even imagine eating pineapple, steak, potato without a knife. Sharpened knives are highly desired for cutting fat from meat, in order to carve out Thanksgiving turkey, chopping vegetables, slicing bread; etc. High quality sharpened knives can really make the food preparation process much faster, easier, convenient and pleasant. At least 2-3 sharpened knives are a must in every kitchen.

Many people who work in the kitchen do not realise that knives need regular maintenance and for keeping them safe and efficient, a knife sharpener is required. For buying a knife sharpener one needs to understand the real physics behind dulling of knife and the real difference between honing and sharpening. Before buying the knife sharpener, consumer needs to understand the functions of various types of knife sharpeners that are available on the market.

On understanding the ideal equipment and tools he/she can follow the buying tips for getting what they need for keeping knives in the best possible state.

What are honing tools for knives?

The sharpening steel protects the edge of the knife from bending with over use, but then it cannot be the only sharpening tool. Steel is actually the tool for giving the finishing touch to the knife after the sharpening is completed. It is even used before the cutting process to ensure straight edge over the knife.

What are the types of knife sharpeners available on the market?

There are two categories of knife sharpeners that buyers can get on the market; the electric and manual. Knives have been sharpened from primitive era manually and stones were, in fact, the first knife sharpeners.

Ceramic sharpeners are the modern versions of knife sharpeners, and manual sharpeners come in a variety of grits; right from the course to fine. The course grit is used, and then fine grit is brought to use for polishing and finishing knives and also for refining edges. Users can simply tweak with fine texture to keep knives in the best condition.

Ceramic sharpeners are a modernised alternative for sharpening stones. Appearing as sharpening steels, they look like long handled sticks and rods. Ceramic sharpeners provide smoother surface and also consistent ones.

However, electric knife sharpeners are preferred by most for they automatically put right angle on the blade. However, an electric sharpener requires maintenance. Diamond plates are used by electric sharpeners most of the time.

How to buy knife sharpeners?

One can buy knife sharpener from any of the retailers who sell kitchen knives of high quality. Types of knife sharpeners depend upon the nature of their establishment. The possible sources from which buyers can buy quality knife sharpeners are:

  • Online stores that keep kitchen supplies
  • Houseware stores
  • Departmental stores
  • Discount online stores and gourmet stores
  • Knife selling companies
  • Online auctions.

Also on various online shopping stores, knife sharpeners are available at discounted rates. However, before buying them one needs to go through the manual minutely.