Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

What to Look For In an Auto Darkening Welding Helmet?

The new trend among helmets now is this auto darkening helmet which is very easy to use and has lots of features to make your working experience more spontaneous and friendly. All the workers who work at mechanical machinery stuffs and perform welding, mending would definitely like to prefer one of the best auto darkening welding helmet for them. But before you rush to purchase one for you, you need to get a detailed idea on whether you are choosing the best, worth and feature driven auto darkening welding helmet for you.

Features you should look for in your auto darkening helmet

These welding helmets acts as one of the best protective equipment for every welder while at work, one of the most important advantage of these helmets is you don’t have to remove your helmet again and again while you are working as they have a viewing area which helps you to visually experience your work without removing helmet. This helmet protects your eyes, head and skin from harmful ultra violet rays, infrared reds and the sparks.

Before buying one should check out the mandatory features in it, which are – it should have various control variables to adjust the helmet based on the individuals head size. Another major factor is the viewing size area of the helmet, one must make sure they are comfortable with the size and positioning of the area. These helmets actually provide a clear and natural view with viewing standard size of 97x 62 mm or more.

Look for a model which covers up resistance and acts as a spatter shield with full coverage. There are various shades available from 6 to 9 or 9 to 13, so look exactly for what you want as it is already available in the market. Few auto darkening welding helmets have sensitivity and delay control too. This feature allows user to modify the helmet’s arc sensitivity. Delay control can be used to either shorten or lengthen the time taken for the helmet to get back to the light state from darken.

Also count on the number of sensors you need in your helmet, affordable helmets comes up with one or two arc sensors whereas premium helmets comes up with around four to five arc sensors. The more arc sensors the more less chances of failing of helmet to darken.

The controls can either be placed internally or externally, hence choose one based on your comfort and convenience. Also few helmets work with lithium batteries and few without batteries, also there are a solar working welding helmet which works with sun light charging. This choice is completely based on the individual’s interest and also the designs which they get attracted too, as there are various different versions of fancy welding helmets to give an interesting look to the workers while welding.

Another factor is the overall weight of the helmet, it should not be too heavy which adds on as a burden on your head, hence it might lead to neck pain, however these auto darkening welding helmets comes up with different weight options, hence choose the one which best suits you, as safety comes first!!