Home with LED Bulbs

Perfect Tips to Light Your Home with LED Bulbs

When going about your daily routine, the lighting of your living space might not cross your mind. However, good lighting has many benefits and should be seriously considered when choosing what light bulbs to buy. The International Association of Lighting Designers advises that good lighting increases the desirability of the space that’s lit, in turn positively affecting the well-being of people in that room. The key to good lighting comes down to the bulbs you use, which is why LED bulbs should be your go-to option when lighting a room.

Why buy LED?

There are many advantages to buying LED and little disadvantages. When turning on an LED bulb, the light is instant. CFL bulbs, much like other common bulbs, often flicker when turned on or take some time to warm up. LED bulbs not only give you light right when you want it, they are also dimmable. If you have a light switch in your house that has a knob to adjust how bright your lighting is, you won’t be missing out on that with LED bulbs. When the bulbs need to be replaced (which in an average household will be after 11 years), they can be easily thrown away since they contain no mercury. CFL bulbs contain a small amount of mercury, with other common bulbs increasing in amount, so simply throwing them away isn’t an option. LED bulbs remove the hassle of taking a single burnt out bulb to a special recycling unit, making one more aspect of the buyer’s life easier.

Another result of using bulbs that are more common is heat buildup in the living space that is lit. An incandescent bulb will heat a room by 11 degrees Fahrenheit in one hour, whereas an LED bulb stays cool and doesn’t affect the temperature of any room. That is a big bonus in summer months, and the advantages don’t stop there. The light bulbs that light up your porch or backyard always have insects around them in the summer, which makes grilling or reading on a porch chair a pain. This happens because most of the bulbs sold let off even a tiny bit of ultraviolet light, which is what attracts the bugs. LED bulbs do not give off any ultraviolet light, as advertised on the packaging you’ll see when you go to pick up your next box of bulbs. LED lighting will not only improve your daily life inside your house, but will also make your use of your outdoor space much more enjoyable.

The biggest advantage that causes people to switch to LED lights is how long they last. Like stated above, in the average household (equivalent to 12 straight hours of use per day) an LED bulb will last 11 years. This cuts down on the cost of replacing bulbs and saves you money in the long run. It also makes LED bulbs the first choice for anyone who has emergency lights in their living space. Emergency lights are typically installed in places like dorms or apartments, only to be used when the power goes out during massive storms or other disasters. Since LED bulbs last so long, they can be counted on during times of distress to keep your rooms lit up and with that, the positive outlook of everyone in that room. For more common uses, LED bulbs can be used in places like your kitchen, where the lights can be on all day as people go in and out of the room without causing you to worry about turning them off at the first second you could go without good lighting. The better lighting in places like your kitchen will improve the quality of the experiences that happen in that room as well as what is a product of that room, like meals.

LED bulb

What should I be prepared for with LED bulbs?

The only disadvantage to LED bulbs is the higher price you pay when checking them out. This higher price, however, is understandable when you compare the quality of LED bulbs to any other kind of lighting. LED lighting lasts longer in the individual bulbs and how they produce their light will significantly cut down your electricity bill, something you’ll see in the short term if you switch your lighting. These bulbs also save you money in the long term but not making you replace them every couple of months. If you should be prepared for anything, it’s a better lighting experience and more money in your pocket for a nice dinner out or a bigger savings account.

Where can I use LED bulbs?

The beauty of LED bulbs is that they can be used anywhere, indoor or outdoor. The brightness of the bulbs makes places like the kitchen or porch a great opportunity to invest in LED bulbs. The bulbs can also be dimmed, so branching out into the living room or bedroom will not make the experience of those rooms uncomfortable due to bright lighting. LED bulbs come in all shapes, sizes, and watts, so they can go in lamps, under microwaves, in hallways, in emergency lights, flood lights, or desk lamps. Don’t feel intimidated by the increased price at check out. These bulbs were made for everyday use in any location, and for long term! Lighting your home with LED lights will be an investment you won’t regret. 11 years down the road when you’re still using the same bulbs at the bright quality they started out yet, you’ll wonder why you ever thought of them as anything but a positive experience.