Wood Window Blinds

The Aesthetic Appeal of Wood Window Blinds

While doing the interior design of any interior, the doors and windows form are a great part of consideration. Today, you can easily give a wonderful makeover to your windows and doors by installing blinds. These window coverings not just add to the interior decor, but also serves a number of useful purposes. Blinds are basically an arrangement of strips or slats of different materials; of which wood is one of the conventionally used materials; within a framework, facilitating the control of the passage of heat and light in and out of the room.

Though blinds are available in a wide range of materials, like, fabric, vinyl, faux wood, PVC, plastic, bamboo, reed, or even grass; but the age old wood outshines every other material in its aesthetic appeal. The very thing that wood blinds offer to the interiors ambiance is a kind of warmth and coziness. It gives a homely feel an offers an elegant look, be it a bedroom, sitting room, or even office. These provide a welcoming atmosphere due to their closeness to the nature which gives them a natural look. Though they might be a bit heavy in handling but there is no comparison to the inviting charm it has.

The above being the decorative value of wood blinds, their functional attributes are something that should not be ignored. These wood blinds act as excellent insulators, they are extremely capable of controlling the passage of heat and light into and out of the room. The two kinds of wood mainly used in making the wooden blinds are Ramin wood and Bass wood. Bass wood is preferred over Ramin wood because of its strength and its ability to be painted in any color. The less expensive attribute of Ramin wood is also responsible for it being preferred.

Available in various varieties such as woven wood blinds, faux wood blinds, wood mini blinds and vertical blinds; the wood blinds can be customized too. There are a whole lot of features that could be added to the standardized wooden blinds. Anti-static control, motorization, UV rays control, fabric or cord lifts- all of these can be added to the window blinds of your choice. You could also choose from the cordless operating variety and valance upgrades of the blinds. Diversity is achievable in terms of the size of the slats. Based on your requirement you have the freedom of selecting the slat size depending on the kind of window or door you want to cater to.

One other thing that these wood blinds provide effectively is the privacy aspect. Maintaining privacy becomes an easy thing by positioning the blinds suiting your needs. If a completely dark room is required all that needs to be done is to close the blinds completely. If anyone is wondering about how the color of wood blinds could match with their interior’s color scheme? Relax! There is no need for any apprehensions. These wood blinds come in a huge range of colors today. Obtaining these blinds has become considerably easy with online shopping coming in vogue. Just a click of your computer’s mouse could bring more warmth and glamour into your house.