TESOL Course

Guide To Choose Your Initial TESOL Course

Learning to speak a new language can seem a very daunting concept to begin with, it’s never easy to start understanding how people from other countries speak. You have to take into account not just the language you are looking to learn, but how certain sentences are structured and how a slight change to one word can mean a completely different thing.

Learning English in particular is one of the easier languages to grasp in the World but there are still stumbling blocks and obstacles that you need to overcome in order to become proficient in the international language.

Get English mastered and you have just begun a new journey that can take your career to places you have never dreamt of.

Choosing Your First English Language Teacher

Learning can begin from a classroom environment or from the comfort of your own home by utilising the modern day learning platform of online education. Whether you choose to learn offline or online you successful learning path begin with selecting the right teacher.

All teachers are different in the way they get to their end goal of teaching you English. They all have different lesson plans and course activities, but you can take great confidence from the fact that every TESOL teacher will be fully qualified and have years of experience under their belt. Therefore, if you are looking to learn the international language you are always best going down the TESOL route if you want the best there is to offer.

Training Course

Are you a motivated and self-disciplined individual? If you answered yes to that then an online based TESOL certification could be the path that you want to go down. TESOL courses like these are flexible in the fact that you can learn and study at any time of the day or the week that best suits you. If you have a busy 9-5 job then you can sit at your laptop or computer in the evenings.

If you have the spare time then classroom based training courses are offered on many campuses across the country which will allow you to sit with other like-minded individuals in order to begin the learning curve to success.

Which TESOL qualification is best for you?

When it comes to taking a course you first need to choose where to take it as there are many courses at many different colleges and campuses. Do you want to take a basic course or would you like to take a full 120 hour course?

Take into account that most employers will want to see at least 100 hours or more under your belt to give you any chance of getting a job, and the chances are you are going to be up against other candidates who have chosen the longer hour courses.

The basic courses will provide exactly what it says, so you won’t be able to learn any grammar, telephone teaching, online video observation or large class tuition. However, the full 120 hour program you get everything you need at your fingertips to become a successful English speaker and advance your career within your home country or in a primarily English spoken country. When it comes down to selecting a course the choice really is yours.