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Why Disposing Your Dog’s Poop Is Good For Your Health

You must be aware of people, who own dogs but are less diligent about disposing the waste of their pets. They may have several excuses for not cleaning up after their pet – not everybody cleans up after their pet, it is a great fertilizer,etc. The truth is that pet waste can not only contaminate groundwater but also affect the health of many people – not to mention the stench it gives out. Here are some reasons why pet waste disposal is good.

Not a good fertilizer

The truth is that dog poop is not a good fertilizer unlike the waste matter of certain animals. In fact, it is both acidic as well as toxic. It can also discolor your lawn. Therefore, you must get a dog waste station for HOA. If you choose to sleep on the problem, it can not only become a slip and fall hazard but is also a gross inconvenience. Over time, if there is no way to eliminate the waste matter of your dog, it can add up to an even bigger problem.

Pet waste from a hundred dogs in your neighborhood can be enough to can also be responsible for their deaths. Moreover, it contains bacteria that can cause vomiting, internal distress, diarrhea, and much more. Dog poop also contains ringworms, tapeworms, salmonella, corona and parvo,whipworms, and much more.

Attracts the eggs of bacteria

If you always thought that dog waste will not harm your health even if it just stays in the lawn, think again. The waste matter of your dog can attract the larvae and the eggs of bacteria. The bacteria wait for someone to step on the dog poop or get dragged into homes, cars, etc. If there are children in your house, the problem gets compounded since they have the tendency to eat or touch almost anything and everything they come across.

Moreover, when dog waste is not disposed properly, it might end up in the water supply, giving the opportunity for more bacteria and algae to breed. What’s more, they destroy the helpful fish and plants that grow in water. It eventually becomes a vicious cycle that needs to be stopped with the help of a pet waste station.

Groundwater contamination

You may already be aware that whatever is put by you in the lawn ends up in the groundwater. This has already been demonstrated by scientists with herbicides, pest killers, and chemical fertilizers. It also happens with the motor oil that gets washed out of your driveway. All of these things find their way into the water supply system and eventually it affects your entire neighborhood.

That being said, disposing dog poop on your own is never a good idea. When you use a dog waste station for HOA, you will never face the problems that you otherwise would including the possibility of the dog poop drying up and getting mixed with the air that you breathe. Therefore, it is imperative that you get a pet waste disposal station.