Christmas Dinner

Wines to Serve with Foods Served at a Christmas Dinner

We have seen people going insane about the events they celebrate throughout the year. There is this one event when people go an extra mile with the preparations and celebrations. Christmas is what I am talking about. You can never match the level of the excitement of any other event with the excitement people have for Christmas. People wait for a whole year to celebrate it. People like to spend it by meeting their close friends and family. They exchange gifts. A white wine gift set has been on the top of the trend since past few years. People also send Christmas cards, and visit each other by attending and arranging Christmas dinners.

Christmas dinners are an important part of Christmas. People take them very seriously and try to make sure that each dish that is served in this dinner is the one loved by the guests they are inviting. What’s a Christmas dinner without wine? But the question is what kind of wines to be paired with each dish present on the table. Few dishes are known to be kept at this dinner and the table looks incomplete without these dishes. The wine pairing with these dishes is done very properly. We are here to give you a Christmas dinner pairing guide that will be helpful either if you are arranging a Christmas dinner or attending it.

1. Sauvignon Blanc with Turkey

Turkey is a very exciting dish and is very popular among people. This is a poultry dish and is known to be served at events like Christmas and thanksgiving. A turkey is filled with herbs and coated with all the right amount of sauces needed. The sides that you will get with turkey are roasted veggies. Now the question is who wants to eat such a saucy dish solo? The taste of the sauces and sides should be kept in mind to select the best suitable wine to be paired with a Turkey.

A Sauvignon Blanc will be a perfect pick here. It is a white wine and will easily balance the herbal notes of the turkey by bringing its herbal essence. Few other white wines like Viognier and Riesling also complement this dish but a Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect pick here.

2. Ham and wine

Christmas dinners are incomplete without Ham. Why should one not have it with a glass of wine then? Many kinds of wine can be paired with Ham. But we would like to tell you about the few best picks. A smoked or a baked ham needs a wine that is sweet and balances the acidity present in the ham. A German Riesling is the first best pick to go with Ham. Then comes an Alsatian Riesling that is less sweet but can balance the acidity of it.

Coming towards the red wines, that pairs best with a ham. Two red wines that are very popular to be consumed with it are Beaujolais Nouvea and Pinot Noir. Both of these red wines match the taste profile of a Ham giving a mouthwatering taste to the one having it.

3. Wines for the goose

A goose has an exciting taste with rich flavors. The majority of the time when people are not able to arrange a turkey for a Christmas dinner, they go for making a dish out of a goose. The oily meat that a goose has is high in acidity and needs to be balanced with a wine that matches the level of its acidity and richness. A Semillon that is a white wine is a perfect match for a goose. Rioja reserve and a Pinot Noir are two red wine options to go with a goose.

4. Prime Rib and Red Wines

People who have eaten prime rib knows how tasty and palatable it is. The dish made through prime ribs is a source of protein and fat. This is also one of people’s favorite dishes that they expect to be on the table of a Christmas dinner. Pairing a glass of wine with prime rib often gets difficult and the reason behind it is the bold flavor the red meat has. There are a few red wines that can handle the boldness of this dish. Cabernet Sauvignon and a Zinfandel are the first two picks that you can pair with prime rib without even giving a second thought.

Do you think that you have a variety of only two wines to have with a prime rib? You are wrong if you are thinking like this. There are 5 to 6 other red wines that will perfectly balance the taste of a prime rib. Your priority should be a red wine when having this dish and make sure to try having the two mentioned above. But if it doesn’t go with the kind of ones you are looking for then try other red wine options that you can ask from any nearby waiter.

5. Nut Roast and Wine

Christmas is an event for all then why not keep any vegetarian dish for your vegetarian friends? A nut roast is a dish that you can serve at a Christmas dinner for your vegetarian friends. The main ingredients of this dish are nuts and grains with other spices formed into a casserole, later roasted. This dish is very rich in flavor and needs a wine to go with it that handles its rich happenings.

A Bordeaux has a fruity flavor and can go easily with a nut roast. You can also have an Oaked Chardonnay with a nut roast. An oaked chardonnay might not be available at buy wine online options so try looking for it in physical wine shops. Both of these options will make you fall in love with the taste of a nut roast.

6. Wines to serve with Duck

Duck is also one of the dishes that are prioritized in a Christmas dinner. A dish made through duck is known to have a rich profile. There is a combo about which people claim that you cannot beat. A Pinot Noir with a roasted duck is what I am talking about. People are insane about pairing this wine with a duck. Other wines like Bordeaux and Rhone valley are also the options you can go for with a duck.