Ways to Transform Your Bathroom into Vintage-Style Heaven

Bathroom remodeling is a great way to show off your creativity and really transform your living space into a place that you really enjoy. When you decide to remodel your bathroom with a complex style in mind like vintage, there are some things that you might have trouble with. Here are several simple ways to really transform your bathroom into a perfect vintage styled space that will bring back the flavor of some older and bit more romantic times into your life.

Restoring Old Details

One of the great things about vintage style is that you can easily turn any of your rooms including your bathroom into a really wonderful vintage place if you simple avoid replacing some well-known older elements. By leaving chic elements like older ceramics, brass accessories and similar stuff, you can really save up a lot of money and still end up with the results that you wanted. Naturally, they need a little bit touch up, but nothing too much and nothing that will delete the influence of time and wearing off. Just some of the lacquer for the wood or a little bit polishing of the tiles. While you will have to work a bit harder on other aspects of your bathroom to make the new stuff visible as well, leaving older elements that have that amazing vintage look is a great way to save money.

Lights and Surfaces

One of the most common ways to give your bathroom that interesting vintage flash is by focusing on the light in your bathroom and the way it shapes the space in it. By getting some retro mirrors and tiles that come with retro styles and themes, you can really bring back the look of the old ages. You need some accent light for the mirrors and that is OK, but other lights in the bathroom should be soft and mild.

Small Things

Things like bathroom fixtures can deeply influence the overall look of your bathroom and if you are going for the vintage look this is the place to start. As one of the things with which you will always come into contact with, your fixtures will really influence the overall look of the bathroom. The vast range of different vintage faucets and fixtures that are available also means that you can choose from many different choices and have a unique bathroom that is both vintage and original.


One of the simplest ways to really give your bathroom that breath of vintage air is to focus on changing the colors of your walls. Most of the modern walls that you can find today are generally focused on a single color or some sort of marble. By going back to older theme and print based painting you can really make your bathroom look retro.


The varieties of different vintage styles that exist today mean that you will have plenty to choose from. Have in mind that some of them might not work all that well if mixed together. This is why it can be really bad to just let your plumber cut corners and change your ideas on the go. Strong Victorian elements will not work all that well with rustic background and 1940’s fixtures are not a good mix with 1900’s reproductions. Make sure that the style that you have chosen looks good in reality just like it does on paper and that the end result is in line with your wishes.

Out of Ideas

When you start planning your bathroom renovation, the work and the effort needed to keep the process going can be tiresome. If you catch yourself running out of ideas or if you think find that some of your ides are no longer realistic, you should borrow other people ides. By checking online and asking around you can find plenty of different advices and differ approaches to problems that you may be having trouble with. Creating a nice vintage bathroom is a complex task and finding new ideas can be fun and extremely valuable to any new designer.

The process of remodeling your bathroom should not be undertaken unless you really know what you want. This is especially true when it comes to vintage styles that come in many different shapes and forms. At the same time, the wide range of different elements and combinations that are open to you means that you can really explore your creative side and generate truly amazing creations. You should be aware that most of the classical vintage bathroom designs generally favor expensive accessories but these are not necessary. You can achieve amazing results by simply using the already existing retro elements in your bathroom and them simply enriching them with new vintage elements like fixtures for example.