Where To Locate Your Gazebo

Your have made the decision to add an attractive gazebo to your backyard.  Now you face the difficult task of choosing exactly the right backyard spot for placing your gazebo.  There are three simple questions to answer that will help you narrow down your choices and pinpoint where your new gazebo will work best for your needs.   Identifying an ideal location will add greatly to your enjoyment of your new yard feature when construction is complete.

Question One:  How Will You Use Your Gazebo?

How your gazebo will function when you use it is the most important question to answer in choosing its site.  For example, if you plan to use it as a place to enjoy outdoor dining, it should be close to the house so you can easily bring food and supplies in and out from the kitchen. It should also be near your outdoor grill or kitchen (if you are fortunate enough to have one) where food is prepared.  On the other hand if your permanent gazebo is destined to be a quiet haven of relaxation where you can escape to read and relax, locating it further away from the house will provide more quiet and privacy.

Question Two:  What Do You Want to Look Out at from Your Gazebo?

When you have your new gazebo in place and are sitting within, what do you want to view?  If you are poolside, do you want to be away from the splash of the diving board or slide but able to watch swimmers?  If you plan to swing in a hammock or glider and enjoy your flowers and shrubs, which direction affords you the optimum view?  Is there a pond or water feature in your yard?  Placing your gazebo beside the beautiful look and sound of water is an excellent way to achieve maximum benefit from both features.  Don’t forget your own house.  Sometimes the best view in the yard is at your own home.

Question Three:  What View Do You Want of Your Gazebo 

While you are choosing a beautiful view to enjoy from inside your gazebo, be sure to consider your own view from the house of the beauty of your gazebo itself.   These structures add value and attractiveness to any property on which they are built and enjoying a view of it from your breakfast area or den may give you an additional benefit.  This is important if you have youngsters who will be playing in it and you need to keep an eye on them.   Some home owners simply add a wood or metal gazebo as an ornamental structure to fill an empty space, hide their view of a neighbor’s eyesore, or add value to their property.  Most have plans to use and enjoy theirs.

Choosing from a Variety of Gazebos

Gazebos come in many sizes, shapes and materials.  Some are delivered and set up already constructed.  Others are built on-site.  Still others are perfect for the do-it-yourself handyman or woman who can construct theirs from a kit or stick build it from plans downloaded from the Internet.  There are also temporary pop-up gazebos available for those whose space is limited.  Other factors to consider in selecting the best gazebo for your needs is whether you want it wired for electricity, if you want screens, or if you want to add removable windows that can make it suitable for use year-round.

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