Muffler Replacement

When to Replace Your Muffler and How Much Will it Cost?

When to Replace Your Muffler?

Your muffler is seriously in need of replacement if, in fact, you look underneath your car and find that your muffler is severely rusted and/or has a hole in it. As the Angie’s List website points out, you could have someone patch the hole up, which might get rid of the problem for awhile. This is only a “band-aid” situation that may save a few dollars in the short run, but will cost you more in the long run. The same holds true if there’s peeling on your car that extends from a muffler failure problem.

So before you decide whether to replace or to simply repair, take a look at your muffler. If you see no visible signs of wear and tear or damage, a replacement might be possible. If you see visible signs of damage, a replacement is best. Don’t waste time: The best way to save money on it is not to look for Band-Aid solutions. It is to replace it, and if there’s still some time left on your warranty, take full advantage of it.

If there is no time left, then you have no other choice but to prepare to pay up. Thus it is reasonable to ask:

How much does a new muffler cost?

Angie’s List points out that muffler replacement can cost anywhere from $100 on the low end, and $500 on the high end. After taxes and other fees, you could be looking at close to $600 or maybe even $700 or $750, according to the HowCoster website.. A lot of factors weigh into the charges. Angie’s List mentions some of them, such as the type of car, whether the original muffler was from the original manufacturer or not, or aftermarket. Angie’s List notes that aftermarket mufflers tend to be less expensive.

For best results, as I have pointed out earlier in this post, you should do all diligence to check for muffler problems in the earliest possible stages, while simple repairs are still possible. Ignoring the problems and hoping they will go away is not an option here, any more than a thickness in some area of your body is. A simple muffler repair can cost around $30 to $300. If you choose to wait, however, your car could be down for a long time.


The muffler and exhaust system in your car are important. Their function is to protect your car and, to some degree, the environment from unwanted noise and emissions. Pay close attention to this part of your vehicle’s body. Do this once a week if at all possible. Your vehicle–and your car–will thank you for it in the long run.

Source: Muffler Repair in Downriver Michigan