Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins and Supplements Can Help You Improve Your Mood

If you open the fridge every time when you feel down or under too much stress, then you know it just leads to another problem when you gain weight. Lack of motivation, dark thoughts, fatigue – these are the illnesses of the modern age. Some people eat too much to fight depression while others stop eating and their bodies lose important vitamins and minerals.

Food can help you enhance mood only if you know what to eat to supply your brain and body with vitamins that can make you laugh again. It is evident that the foods we all eat to feel happier contain substances that promote the production of the hormone of happiness called serotonin.

This hormone is responsible for good mood and it is best produced when your body receives sufficient amounts of tryptophan, the substance found in chocolate, bananas, soy , cheese , spinach and turkey. An average person cannot possibly eat so many different meals per day , but this is where vitamins and supplements can help.

Vitamins for Laughter

A good multivitamin formula can do wonders for your brain, mood, hair and skin. People who regularly take vitamin supplements are not prone to colds, flu and mood fluctuations. They are healthier individuals who can perform better at work and also they take less antidepressants. The main and most important vitamins to regulate mood , fight depression and anxiety are

B complex vitamins – B6, B12 and B9 have the power to regulate the creation of cells and serotonin levels. B complex should be part of your daily menu in case you feel tired, forgetful and sad. Vitamin B6 is responsible for PMS in women and regulates our emotions. The lack of this group of vitamins causes a wide range of symptoms, depression being the worst of all.

Vitamin D – this is what your body needs for healthy bones and it is naturally produced by sunlight. Vitamin D is known to improve mood and people with low levels of this vitamin are more likely to suffer from illnesses . In countries with little sunlight over the year people are advised to take vitamin supplements. This is also recommended for people who spend little time outdoors.

Supplements To Improve Your Mood

Before you choose a good supplement to help you maintain your mood you should know exactly what you need. Most people prefer natural ingredients with no side effects , nootropic supplements that contain excellent ingredients to improve mood and some people choose to rely on healthy food and regular exercise. Whatever you choose, make sure you see your doctor and check if the supplements are good for you. It is good to know that these mood enhancers improve your mood and change the chemical processes in the brain.

L-tyrosine. Although it is present in fish and meat , this amino acid is usually taken as a supplement to help with mood disorders and cognitive functions . People who are under stress especially emotional stress, should take more of L-tyrosine.

L-theanine. Another important amino acid that we take with each cup of green tea. This substance is important for memory, it act against anxiety and mental stress. L-theanine is responsible for normal levels of dopamine , one of the main chemicals in our brains that keeps us motivated and focused.

It may look so easy to go to the pharmacy and buy vitamins or supplements , but this does not mean that every time you feel bad or tired you should take pills. Remember to always go for the natural vitamins and supplements that you can get from food, making pills your second option.

Paul Browdy is an author and owner of Peak Nootropics, a blog dedicated to supplements that enhance brain function. He also studies amateur neurology and enjoys learning about the brain’s inner mechanisms in his free time. He is also an avid bio-hacker fan and tech-geek.