League of Legends Teams

The Best Professional League of Legends Teams at the Moment + How to Increase Your Rank to Match Them

Who knew 50 years ago that there would be professional eSports teams taking part in world championships? Who knew 20 years ago that it’s not just sitting in front of the computer instead of studying but a thing that would evolve in such a huge industry.

League of Legends is one of the most popular games nowadays both among amateur players and professionals. There are competitions held all around the world, involving pro teams with people who know every little detail about the game.

In this article, we’re going to review the TOP world-renowned eSports teams and contemplate their flawless skills.

Besides, we’re going to talk about a convenient way to improve your own skills and jump to the levels only professionals jump to in LoL. Right, we’ll talk about LoL boosting – a wonderful way to cooperate with expert players and learn more about the game.

The Best League of Legends Teams in the World

Here’s a list of the most prominent eSports teams in the world, focusing on League of Legends. There are many more of them, but we have chosen teams that have shown incredible talent.

TOP eSports

Earlier, the team was called Top Sports Gaming. This is a Chinese talent group that is growing and evolving dramatically. The team was founded back in 2017 and has got a 56% win ratio since that time. Their ELO rating is around 1200. 

LPL 2020 has brought them a win against Invictus Gaming and secured a place in the finals.

This is clearly the toughest team from Asia since not only Chinese players are in but South Korean ones as well.

Gen G eSports

With a GG Elo of around 1180, Gen G eSports has become a breakthrough in the best of 5 championship. First, they lost to T1 eSports 3:0. Then, they took second place in the finals!

Nowadays, the team has a 57% win rate, which is quite considerable!

JD Gaming

This is definitely a team to follow. They are incredible! JD Gaming crushed the team that was a world champion in 2019 in the LPL semi-finals, winning them a place in the finals against the TOP eSports we’ve already talked about.

They have won 3:0 in the best of 5 series, which is very exciting and is quite an achievement.

Moreover, this team has a 100% win most of the time. Their GG ELO rating is over 1200! This is definitely a team to look at this year!


Fnatic is considered one of the largest organizations focusing on eSports in the world. They encompass many games, not only League of Legends. But in this game, they have become the best moving force in Europe, which is quite an undertaking. 

Back in 2011, the team won the first ever Riot season championship. From then on, they continue to be one of the most powerful teams in the world.

Their ELO rating is over 1200, and their all-time win rate is around 65%!

How to Match Your Skills to the Best eSports Teams

Many players dream about being on a team in eSports competition. And you know what? It’s totally possible to make it true. We know at least 3 ways to improve your skills to match them to those of professional players who perform at world championships!

You can choose one method or use all of them. We recommend using all 3, of course, for the best results.

Play a Lot Yourself

First of all, of course, you need to play a whole lot yourself. Every day for several hours, you should train different champions in different fights and achieve considerable results.

We hope that the days when parents or roommates would say that gaming is a waste of time are long gone. People are gaining profit in this industry. And you may have a great future in it as well if you train a lot.

But even if it’s not about money, good skill determines how fast and how high you get in the rankings within the game!

Use Boosting and Coaching

Online boosting and coaching are some of the best ways for you to:

  • Get familiar with League of Legends;
  • Get to know its champions;
  • Improve your skills;
  • Save time without losing progress;
  • Achieve a ranking goal;
  • Overcome a difficult fight;
  • Improve your gaming skills, etc.

You may have your reasons, but trying LoL boosting or coaching is essential for every player. Not only will you get help with your request, but you’re also going to talk to a real professional. Who knows, maybe they are on a great team and you may be the next member there as the most prominent student!

This is an experience that will help you find a friend and achieve even the toughest goal.

But you need to choose the right service.

We recommend Elo-Boosting, where semi-pros and pros are waiting for you to give them a challenge difficult enough so it’s interesting.

Find a Course

You can also find a physical or digital course and choose your specialty. Think about the skills you want to acquire or improve, and choose a course that will suit you.

Do you think there are no such things when it comes to gaming? There are info-products about everything nowadays. And games have become such an essential part of our lives that surely there are whole schools teaching young talent.

You May Be on the Next Best eSports Team

By putting enough effort and money into your development as a professional LoL player, you can achieve the best goals. For instance, you can become a booster yourself, create your own course, or even become a part of your country’s eSports team!

If this sounds like something you’d love to accomplish, it’s time to find your professional and get a session or boosting and coaching. This will help you jump in the rankings already and talk to an expert about their experience.