Stockholm Tourism

Stockholm Tourism – A Great Place To Visit

Its status as a global tourist destination comes from the beauty of the countryside, the historic buildings and their architecture, along with the many parks and the islands, which provide an abundance of water and relaxing scenery. In fact, 30% of the city is waterways, while another 30% is parks or green areas. The other 40% of Stockholm provides some of the tourist attractions that should be part of your city break in Stockholm Sweden, including the largest shopping district in Scandinavia, located around the town square.

Stockholm has seen a surge in Stockholm tourism over recent years and it is an important part of the economy of the city. While almost half of Swedish companies that have more than 200 employees are located in the city, it is more that Sweden’s financial and business center. Stockholm Tourism is responsible for annual overnight stays that exceed 7 million, which contribute significantly to the growth of the city’s popularity as a recreational and cultural option.

Planning your city break in Stockholm Sweden might include a tour of the Old Town, which is comprised of the earliest settlements that have a medieval street layout. Other tourism sites include the Stockholm Palace and more than 100 museums, including the National museum with over 16,000 paintings and 30,000 handcrafted art objects.

If you aren’t into architecture, museums or art, the Grona Lund amusement park features more than 30 attractions and a wide array of restaurants, making it a popular tourist attraction. It is also used for concert events and during Christmas, it is opened as a market. An enlargement of the park is planned because of the increasing tourist demand, but a city break in Stockholm Sweden should include this fun place that has something to do, no matter what your age.

When you are on a city break in Stockholm Sweden, there are more than 1000 restaurants to choose from that feature all kinds of cuisine from all parts of the world. Because of the high immigration population, you can find Asian, American fast food, Italian, French, Greek, and Middle Eastern, along with authentic Scandinavian cuisines.

There are several annual events that you can include in your city break in Stockholm Sweden, depending on when you time your visit. The Stockholm Jazz Festival is held in July, Stockholm Pride is held the last week of July, the 2-day, Where the Action is Tour is held in June and the Stockholm Marathon is held the 1st part of June, on a Saturday.

When you plan a city break in Stockholm Sweden, you will find that booking your holiday apartment online is the best way to go. In Stockholm there are many interesting things to see and do; the wide variety of architecture, both medieval and modern, the historic museums and modern skyscrapers and the theater, opera or choice of International cuisines offers something for everybody that plans a visit in this beautiful island chain that has become a global tourist destination city. It is the best ever place to visit in the Sweden place, visit it and learn more.