Brushing your Teeth

Some Common Mistakes you commit while Brushing your Teeth

Are you sure that you are brushing your teeth correctly? It is true that most people brush their teeth at least twice a day. However, unless there happens to be some kind of a pain in your gum or teeth, you may not want to visit a dentist. Yes, brushing is the key to good teeth and gum health, but then, there are certain mechanics to follow.

Dental hygiene is an important aspect of body health. You overlook it and your body may have to pay some serious price. In fact, gum diseases can actually cause some severe health conditions that include heart ailments. Let’s have a look at the common mistakes you commit every single morning, without even realizing the same.

Skipping the floss

According to the latest dietary guidelines, you need to floss on a regular basis. Flossing helps in removing the plaque, so that diseases can be prevented. Flossing is highly recommended even if you do it in a smaller amount. Basically, any floss is better than absolutely no floss.

Pulling instead of brushing

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic concept to improve dental health. It is an ancient concept that has been practiced since 3000 years. In this process, you need to swish the oil inside your mouth for few minutes on a regular basis, so that gums get firm. It helps in improving the dental health by removing the bacteria, thus improving the dental health by some kind of antioxidants in the oils. However, you must not replace brushing or flossing with oil pulling. You can include it into your brushing session as an additional measure to improve gum and teeth health.

Failing to use different angular directions

A lot of people tend to miss out on the plaques that are formed at the gum line. Fixing the situation is easy by simply repositioning the brush. According to dental offices in Aurora Co, the brush must not face the teeth head-on, but at an angle of 45 degrees into the gums. You must make sure that the bristles touch the line where gums and teeth meet. This helps in covering all the areas and keep germ build-up at bay.

Ignoring the use of electric brushes

Electric toothbrushes are always the best options for brushing the teeth. The electric toothbrushes have the capability to oscillate faster, thus helping to move toothpaste and water at a higher speed making it more effective in removing the plaques.

And the most important part: these brushes prevent the user from getting over-brushed. As per Yelp page, these brushes come with timer facility allowing a whole 2 minute brushing followed by auto stop.

Letting bad breath linger

Scraping your tongue is essential in order to eliminate bad breath. The little projections or papillae on the tongue can attract bacteria causing bad breath. A tongue scraper can help you to remove the bacteria from those regions and help in cutting down the stench.

Being too focused on fluoride

Being too focused on fluoride based toothpastes can have some negative impact. Although a lot of dentists recommend fluoride based toothpastes to prevent cavity, there are certain downsides too. Too much fluoride can cause lowering of the IQ level.

These are some common mistakes that we often do while taking care of our dental health. However, things can improve for the better, if the above-mentioned suggestions are followed properly.