Saatva mattresses

Saatva Takes Up Green Initiatives, Makes Mattresses Eco-Friendly and Bug Free

Supporting the green revolution and buying products that are made with materials that are recycled or can be reused and are environment-friendly is a noble effort. Whether it is a kitchenware or mattress for the bed, people are now taking steps to buy and use products that are eco-friendly and does not cause any harm when they are disposed or not in use.

Of late, discussions regarding reactions due to various allergies in relation to the bed used has been going on. This is a very serious issue that has caught the attention of media as well. The manufacturers of sleeping mattresses have taken this issue into serious consideration and have put forward solutions that can solve this problem. You can easily be assured of the fact by going through the Saatva reviews posted online.

Saatva mattresses, one of the leading mattress manufacturing company in US, has taken it as part of their Green Initiative and uses materials that are eco-friendly and meets the safety standards of the authority. The foam that is used in the mattresses manufactured by Saatva is not processed using formaldehyde or similar other solutions. These foams are tested in the laboratories and sent for certification before being used. After having met the health, environment and safety standards, the foam is accepted as ready to be used.

The fabric that is used on the mattress as a cover is organic in nature that is blended properly with hypo allergenic fibres. These hypo allergenic fibres are as per the flame retardant laws after being used as a natural thistle barrier. The cover remains gentle and soft and does not hurt the skin.

Since these mattresses from Saatva are hand crafted ones, immediately after manufacturing, the mattresses are packed in a plastic cover made up of special materials that has micro-openings. These micro-openings are designed to allow the mattress to breathe as well as prevent the entry of any foreign materials inside the cover. Saatva takes it a responsibility to manufacture, package and deliver a bug free sleeping mattress to its users.

A quick scan through the user reviews of Saatva mattresses will show how customers have never complained of any kind of allergic reaction to the bedding. The Saatva reviews are proof of the satisfaction that the customers have regarding the product. Although the products from Saatva are not completely organic in nature, the materials used to manufacture the product such as the steel, foam, etc. are of high quality. The foams used are bio-based, the steels in the springs are of recycled quality and the coverings are organic in nature.

The technologically advanced and research oriented staff work towards manufacturing products that adhere to the requirements of meeting the correct balance of eco-friendliness, health and quality standards, as well as making them economically viable to use.

Another major contribution that Saatva mattresses is offering to the Green initiative is going online with their product display and sale. The business model of the company is such that it does not require any investment and expenditure in terms of a brick and mortar store. The incredibly luxury mattresses are available at affordable costs.