Heating System

Prevent Frozen Pipes and Prepare Your Heating System for Winter

While winter can be all fun and games with snow and outdoor sports such as skiing, the winter season is also a horrible time to be a home owner. From shoveling snow to trying to effectively heat the home, the winter can be a busy time. One area of the home that is greatly affected during the winter season is the plumbing system.

Just like a heating system needs constant servicing, so does the plumbing system. Heating repair helps your unit to work again and can be costly but plumbing repair needs can be costly and time consuming. It is best to try and avoid plumbing needs altogether so that you can do without the headache and cost of repairs.

There are several steps that can be taken to ensure your plumbing system operates effectively without freezing or seeing major issues in the winter months. When the temperatures begin to drop, it is time to care for your piping system as well as heating unit. When you schedule your regular heating maintenance, consider scheduling plumbing maintenance as well to take care of an additional major system of the home. Below are a few dos and don’ts to help you on the path to avoiding frozen pipes this winter.

Insulate Piping Systems

To prevent your pipes from freezing, check the water supply lines that are exposed to the cold. This area of piping should be insulated especially when the temperatures drop to below freezing. When extreme cold snaps occur, turn the faucets on and let the water drip to prevent the pipes from freezing. The cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen that contain the piping can also be opened to help keep the piping warm.

Preparing your Heating System

To prepare your heating unit for winter, a few steps can be taken by the home owner. Have the unit inspected by a professional to ensure each component is ready to operate this winter. Change out your filter regularly so clean air can circulate through your system and home. A furnace system needs to be clean of debris and any air duct leaks or sealing issues taken care of before winter arrives.

Removing Snow and Ice

A gas meter needs to be free from snow and ice to ensure proper operation. Keep any outdoor heating units or pipes free of snow and ice to ensure each unit type will be ready to operate effectively.

Don’t Let Your Home Get Cold

When you are away from home or during the night time hours, avoid setting the temperature too low. When the temperature in the home becomes too low, you can have issues with your plumbing system. The pipes can easily freeze and cause you to waste money on repair costs. Avoid going below 55 degrees on your thermostat for a comfortable home and consistent plumbing system.

Don’t Hire Just Anyone for Service

If you are in need of plumbing or HVAC service, do not hire just anyone. Make sure that you work with professionals who can provide you with the service you need. Professionals are certified and have the experience and knowledge to do the job right the first time without costing you additional money and time to repair any issues.

Do Not Procrastinate

Perhaps the most important rule is to not procrastinate. When you put off repairs or service needs, you only harm yourself as well as your home. The plumbing system and heating unit of the home can only break down further without assistance which will cost you time and money. Be sure to have your units and systems assessed and taken care of when needed to avoid any downtime or additional cost to your pocketbook.