Kids in Hong Kong

How to Spend Great Time with Kids in Hong Kong

Spend great time with Kids in Hong Kong

Once we get married, we spend all the time in taking care of our partner and new family and after that we get busy in fulfilling all those wishes made by our children. So, in order to enjoy our life to the fullest, we should take out some time to go on a holiday with our Kids and our Partner. There are so many places in the world where you can enjoy with your kids.

Moreover, taking a tour to new places can serve you and your kids with lots of fun and knowledge. Hong Kong is one the places where you can visit and have fun with your kids. Here are some places where you can spend a very good time with Kids.

Discover the Disneyland

You must have spent your childhood in watching Mickey Mouse, Goofy, uncle scrooge and many other Disney Characters. If you are in Disneyland you can meet all of them Disney land is a best place to have lots of fun with your Kids. It involves two theme parks and Disney resorts where you can talk, dance and enjoy with your Favorite Disney Characters. You can also feel the adventure by enjoying sweet bumpy swings and even thunder Mountain rail road. Moreover, you can celebrate your birthday or anniversary in a Disney style too.

Infotainment at Ocean Park

Ocean Park is another attraction in Honkong Park where you can enjoy the fun as well as your kids can gain lot of knowledge. The ocean park is mainly a marine theme amusement park where you will be able to see amazing things about marine life. The marine world in the park includes beautiful Exhibits of animals and marine shows. Besides all this you can also enjoy the thrill rides which will take you on a trip to ocean world. This will give you an opportunity to know about the nature, life and many more facts about the marine animals and mammals.

Lin Heuang Tea House

If you get tired by travelling and enjoying bumpy rides in Hong Kong, than surely you must be searching for a good food joint to fill up your tummy. Hong Kong’s Lin Heuang tea house is very famous for their traditional and mouth-watering Dim sums. But you have to make reservation due to its popularity and also you have to be on time as Dim sums are served only at Day time. Main course food is served at the Night Time. Don’t worry; the Main course food will not disappoint your Kids too. So, feel free to order any dish from the Menu.

Star Ferry

Star ferry is known as the symbol of Hong Kong and major attraction. Once you and your kids step into star ferry, you all will fall in love with it. You can enjoy breeze from sea at cheap price and you can easily reach your destination in no time.