Indoor Air Quality

How to Correct Poor Indoor Air Quality

Every day you’re breathing in the air in your home. This could be clean air or it could be polluted and you don’t even realize it. The air quality in your home is very important and most people don’t realize how tainted it can become. Learning how to correct poor indoor air quality is a must for your family’s healthy and safety.

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind to help your entire family breathe easier.

Leave your Shoes at the Door

Did you know that whatever pollens, dirt or pollutants you might have stepped on during your day come in with you? Your shoes can bring in all sorts of aggravating air pollutants and can stick with you no matter if you wipe your feet off. They can come in and get in the carpets your children play on or can float throughout your air in your home. By taking your shoes off at the door you reduce the risk of dragging dirt and pollen to make your air harder to breathe.

Circulate the Air

Most often times during the winter your home is closed off. Circulating the air can help from having so much dust and stagnant air in the home. When it’s not circulating the air can become stale and collect pollen and dander from around the home itself.

Air Filters Changed

Make sure you keep fresh new air filters swapped out each month. Ensure that all your air filters are changed regularly and clean off the vents around the filters.

Clean, Clean, Clean!

Make sure your home is dusted regularly, vacuumed and cleaned so that the dust and dander is kept to a minimum. Cleaning the bathrooms and kitchens with non-toxic chemicals is also advised. This will help reduce the chance of mold or mildew growing.

No Smoking

Avoid smoking in the home if at all possible. Ask visitors who might smoke to do so outside. Keeping the smoke and pollutions outside will help keep the indoor air quality purer.

Reduce Moisture

Make sure that the moisture in your home is controlled. You can do this with dehumidifiers to keep the possibility of mold build up down as well. If you have mold growing in your home the spores can be in the air and can cause health problems.

Fido Needs a Bath

Be sure that your pets are all properly bathed and groomed regularly. This will cut down on the dander and dirt that they bring in as well. It not only keeps them healthy but you and your family too.

Air Purifier

Work with your HVAC company to install an air purifier in your home. If you have air quality issues then this can be a great help to your health and your home. These can be installed and will help to pull the pollution, dander and pollens out of your homes air. This keeps everyone breathing easier and staying healthy.

Why worry about Air Quality?

The air quality in your home is super important to having good health and being happy. When your air inside your home is dirty, it can be quite hard to breathe or your can have allergic reactions depending on the pollution. Pollen and pet dander can cause real issues if you do not have something in place to control it.

Those who suffer from asthma or other breathing related illnesses can really have trouble if the indoor air quality is not handled properly. By taking preventative measures you can help the family to relax and breathe without having problems in your home. This means you’re all more comfortable and relaxed.