style your beard

Beard Your Doubts, Respect Your Beard

No wonder that the word “beard” means both the beloved facial accessory of men and “to challenge” or “to defy”. Men are genetically programmed to stand in front of their life’s impediments and challenges and to fight and overcome them.

That being said, if you want to have the looks of a capable man, one that doesn’t fear a bumpy road and doesn’t make compromises, the beard is your best ally.

But there is a difference between having a beard and wearing your beard. It is the difference between being lazy and letting your beard grow unaware of its significance and choosing a style for your beard and treat it with the necessary respect.

That’s why you’ll have to choose a style that matches both your facial shape and personality and wear your beard like a true and confident man.

Do you think that after deciding your style, the beard is going to attend toby itself? Of course not, you’re going to have to groom it. Grooming doesn’t necessarily mean a compulsive care of your body. It means respect for your body, the kind of respect that in society is viewed as respect to oneself.

Everything, including the way you dress, the way your body looks, the way your hair and beard look, the way you smell, is a mirror of your personality. And that means that someone can read you like you’re an open book and determine if you are neat or shabby, if you are a gentleman or a runt.

So, if you are a confident fellow, who takes decisive decisions and deserves respect, you should choose a style for your beard and wear it proudly. You are the kind of man that beards his doubts and never looks back and regret his decisions.