5 Things You Can Enjoy Doing with Dogs

A dog is a man’s best friend no matter what other people say. So, for the great friendship they have for you, the least you can do is to make them happy. Here are some activities you can do with them that will both make you happy.

  1. Try Doga

Doga is a venue for the dog and its owner to have a sacred union, a special bond. In Doga, the owner assists its dog to perform different poses. In other instances, the dogs are used as instruments while their owners try to perfect a certain pose. Through meditation, massage and scratching, owners who are Doga practitioners seek a greater harmony with their dogs. And by including dogs in the Doga practice, the owners are able to see a better perspective of themselves and their environment.

  1. Hiking

Hiking is one of the most rewarding activities for both the owner and the dog, not to mention that dogs make excellent hiking companions. This is a great way to get rid of their boredom too. A hike is probably all it needs to brighten up. Remember, that dogs also need stimulation, thrill and excitement from time to time. They also need a little time off, more like a short get-away from the usual routine. This also gives the owner a chance to appreciate the environment. But, before heading out, make sure to bring a first aid kit, poop bags and plenty of water.

  1. Camping

When the weather is pleasant enough for some outdoor activity, take your dog along. Camping is one of the best experiences you can give to yourself and your dog. They will truly enjoy and appreciate you bringing them along. You can bond with them and allow them to see the world beyond their comfort zones. This also permits a stronger love and trust to develop between the two. Your dog can also make you feel secure when out in the wild. They can easily alert you of approaching visitors and other animals.

  1. Play games

Playing games with dogs is an all-time favourite. You can play Frisbee, fetch, fly ball, and tracking games with them. This is great for your dog’s physical fitness and helps keep their heart healthy. Activities like swimming keeps them active and makes their bodies cool at the same time. Games that make them use their brains keeps them focused and their minds sharp always. Games also help improve their social skills especially when they play with other dogs and people. This is also a time to bond with each other and as a result help relieve your stress.


  1. Freestyle musical dance

Freestyle musical dance is another fad among dogs and their owners. It is a modern dog sport that mixes obedience training, tricks and dance. It consists of a set of choreographed moves while performing to a selected music. This activity needs teamwork, focus and a lot of practice to make it happen. The result of the hard work put into this would also yield amazing results because this activity has now been made into a sport competition in other countries around the world. Who knows? You and your dog might be the next champions.

You can do so much more with your furry friends. Teaching them new tricks is another way to bond with each other. If you want more help in that area, you can check out Dog agility training tricks to get you started. Enjoy every moment with your dogs, the love they offer is immeasurable and irreplaceable.